Project Team

PHAROS is carried out at the Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection Laboratory (SEALAB), Department of Mechanical Engineering, Piraeus University of Applied Sciences.

The Project Coordinator is Professor J.K. Kaldellis. The project team consists also of Professors Kondili E., Paliatsos Ath., Asst. Professors Moustris K., Kavadias K., IERSD-NOA Research Director Balaras C., Post-Doc researcher Xydis G., PhD students Zafirakis D., Papapostolou C., Kapsali M., Spyropoulos G., and an Engineer (Tech. staff) Mentzos M..

The project team has long experience on hybrid systems, specializing on sizing RES based systems and decision making. The project team has participated in numerous research projects funded by EU, National Programs, public or private corporations and has published a great number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, announcements in international conferences etc.

For more, please visit the webpage of SEALAB