One-Day International Workshop

One-Day Workshop οn the results of the Integrated Planning Tool for Meeting the Energy and Water Needs of Small and Medium Size Aegean Sea Islands Using Optimum Renewable Energy Sources Hybrid Systems – International Symposium held in Tilos Island

Update – New Files – 8/2015
Green Energy & Water Supply in Island Regions

The GE-WIR Symposium, held on the island of Tilos on the 9th July 2015, extends an open invitation for the submission of abstracts for presentations and papers. We invite experts involved in the broad area of sustainable energy and water management for island regions to submit an abstract. We welcome submissions relating to the investigation of energy and water supply issues encountered in island regions and the elaboration of sustainable, green solutions, with the focus given on integrated schemes of renewable energy sources, energy storage and desalination.


Abstracts are to be 250 words long and must be submitted electronically to the program committee

Two ways to present your work

The Draft Programme of the Symposium can be downloaded here