Deliverables – Papers


  • D1.1: An integrated databank, including the detailed description as well as analytical energy and water demand information for each island.
  • D2.1: An integrated databank, with RES potential, climate and environmental impacts data for each island.
  • D3.1: Report on green, state-of-the-art technologies for covering energy and water supply needs
  • D4.1: A computational simulation tool for the sizing of energy and water autonomous RES hybrid systems.
  • D4.2: An integrated planning (sizing and siting) tool for island RES-based hybrid systems
  • D5.1: A novel experimental station for the simulation of island RES-based hybrid and desalination systems.
  • D6.1: Technical report on the results of the integrated design tool
  • D7.1: An integrated plan for covering the energy and water demand needs of small and medium size Aegean island regions, including promotion measures and incentives for the implementation of the proposed optimum schemes.
  • D8.1: A project web-page (Operated soon after project start, till at least one year after its completion).
  • D8.6: National Symposium
  • D8.7: International Symposium

Scientific Papers (Deliverables):

Further published work:

  • Tzanes, D. Zafirakis, G. A. Xydis, J. K. Kaldellis, An Optimal Hybrid Renewable Energy System Analysis in Aegean Sea Islands. A GIS and a Developer’s Perspective, International Scientific Conference eRA – 10, Piraeus, , Greece, 23 – 25/09/2015
  • Tzanes, D. Zafirakis, G. A. Xydis, J. K. Kaldellis, Techno-economic Analysis for the Optimal Hybrid Renewable Energy based System Planning in Autonomous Islands of Aegean Sea, MESAEP 18th Symposium, Crete, Greece 26-30 September 2015